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A Friend with a Business: EV Designs

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"A Friend with a Business" I suppose this title explains how I came about this company. EV Designs is company that an old work friend of mine set up in 2015. Ev herself has written a blog post on how she came about her business (which I will put the link at the end) but simply Ev started creating her own t-shirts and friends at college wanted some of her designs, so Ev made them and sold them. It's fair to say I don't think Ev expected this small idea to turn into a business, but it has.

EV Designs is a growing business with new and exiting products still being developed each and every day. The products that are currently available include personalised tops & accessories, tie dye clothing & accessories and Ev's personal own designed patterned tops/hoodies. One of her newest products are personalised bottles, which proudly I can say I was one of the first people to buy one. These bottles come in three different colours, my bottle is yellow with my name written in yellow down the side. Basically if you need personalised item EV Designs is the company for you.

The first product I bought from EV Designs was a tie dye top. I had been looking for a tie dye top for ages and looked at many different companies, which charged a lot more than EV Designs, but that wasn't the main reason why I bought from EV Designs. I was almost ready to buy my tie dye top from a mainstream shop for an okay price, until a post on Facebook popped up. The Facebook post talked about how as society we are comfortable to buy products from our favourite celebrities for lots of money but not happy to spend a decent price for a product from a small local/friend's business, because we are not sure on the quality or think it costs too much. Which when you think about it is really stupid. Its okay to buy from celebrities but at the same time you have to remember the small companies, which promoted me to choose EV Designs. Since then I have bought multiple products from EV Designs and each one is produced to a high standard.

Even though Ev is my friend I do have to be fair with my review and if I was going say if there was any negative point to make about this company it would be there is only a small amount of products. However saying that I do know that Ev is working hard to create more and its not easy for her doing it on her own. As I said before the products that are there are excellent and looking at EV designs Instagram stories I am exited for the new products which we get a sneak peak at. Particularly looking forward to the Christmas PJs!

To finish if you want personalised or tie dye items, EV Designs is the one for you and as a friend I couldn't be more proud. I love promoting EV Designs not only here on my blog but on my own personal Instagram and Facebook. So my leaving thought for you is, remember the small business, remember your friends, support your local shops and check out EV designs.

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